Graduate Scholarship

The Dr. Linda Iheme Scholarship is a program aimed at building and supporting selected Graduates to achieve their academic dream. The Scholarship Program is funded by Dr. Linda Iheme.


To advance knowledge and international learning opportunities for growth.


The Dr. Linda Iheme Graduate Scholarships vision is to support students to accelerate their international education dream and provide a platform for global integration and preparedness.


Provide preparatory support for international studies to post-graduate students to aid school applications.

Core Values

Global Influence

The Dr Linda Iheme scholarship will sponsor selected graduates with application fees to study in any university across the globe. This will give them access to gain world-class study experience in their respective disciplines and set them forth for impact on the individual society and the world at large upon graduation from graduate studies.


Knowledge, they say, is power and we believe that information is key to every successful venture. Dr Linda provides top-notch information on her social media handles and YouTube channel to help equip prospective postgraduate students with the knowledge on how to secure admission and scholarship abroad.


The Dr. Linda Iheme Graduate Scholarships is for action takers. The beneficiaries will receive adequate support through learning resources and a one time school application fee to support funding for their study abroad school applications. This scholarship is to promote international education and graduates are awarded amounts worth between 100$ - 1000$ USD.

Number of Awards

The Dr. Linda Iheme Scholarship will be awarded to five graduates who intend to make school applications to study abroad.


Some past awardees

Application process

How to make application


Complete the application form


Watch videos on Dr Linda Iheme YouTube Channel  and follow Dr Linda’s official handles on social media. In addition, make sure you attend and complete our Free Study Abroad Webinar. The information there might help you in filling out the application form.

Submission deadline: June 30th 2024

Results will be announced on Jul 30th 2024 on Dr. Linda’s social media handles. 

Due to the volume of applications we receive yearly, we are unable to contact individual applicants thus, only successful applicants will be contacted by the end of the scholarship review.